We believe that creating a positive and supporting environment related to our Social responsibility to the communities in which we operate, our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers, will create long-term benefits to society as well as our company.   

ESR wants to be seen as a collaborating member in our communities through its support of local activities and charitable initiatives. This is achieved not only through monetary contributions, but also through encouraging our employees and other stakeholders to become involved in these initiatives on a personal basis.

In China, ESR is a founding member, along with the China Red Cross Foundation, of the Qin Charity Foundation. As a founding council member of the Foundation, ESR will be able to make decisions and have oversight over the Foundation’s activities.     

The Qin Charity Foundation is specifically dedicated to providing educational and extracurricular courses for children in rural areas of China, through the provision of these resources through advanced technology (e.g. learning through internet courses). The foundation will allow ESR staff to dedicate their knowledge and time to this charity.

In addition, ESR China also supports other community initiatives such as the "Guangci Disabled Children's Welfare Institute” for abandoned disabled children. The Institute provides training for young adults when are old enough to leave the orphanage, specifically with the establishment of a bakery where they can learn work skills that will enable them to find employment.  

At our projects in Nanko and Fujiidera, Japan, ESR will develop day care centres (called “Barnklubb”) within the projects. This will facilitate greater participation for women in the workforce, given the shortage of private day care centres in Japan. We see this as a benefit to not only women with younger children who wish to re-enter the workforce, but also to our customers, who could be seen as an “employer of choice” with this benefit. We believe that this will also have a positive impact on leasing and customer retention in these ESR facilities. We are continuing to explore how to replicate these day centres in other new ESR facilities in Japan.

ESR recognises that our employees are imperative to the success of our business and are also members of our local communities, thus ESR has a strong vested interest in how we interact and engage with these communities.

 We want to ensure the current and prospective employees view ESR as an “Employer of Choice”, such that we will be able to attract and retain the best talent for the continuation of our success. In all of the markets in which we operate, we seek to ensure that our employees have adequate training and personal development opportunities. ESR is dedicated to creating an inclusive working environment which does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, religion or other such characteristics and allows for all employees to equally contribute to our business success.    

ESR also demand that our development and operations suppliers and partners have high ESG standards as pertains to their businesses and operations, and as part of the procurement process, we will ensure their compliance with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations. We select our partners carefully and mitigate risks through constant and careful monitoring of activities on our projects.

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