ESR recognise that an effective and transparent Corporate Governance structure is critical to the long-term success of our business and we strive to ensure that all of our stakeholders are aware of and comply with this philosophy. Stakeholders include not only those within ESR, but also investors, suppliers, government officials and customers, amongst others.


The ESR Corporate Compliance Committee, which reports directly to the Executive Committee, is responsible for all compliance initiatives, including standards and procedures, risk assessment, training and business continuity planning. The Compliance function ensures that all employees in all of our operations receive annual training to local and international standards regarding anti-corruption, bribery prevention, anti-money laundering and similar initiatives. All employees must certify acceptance of these policies on an annual basis. In addition, we undertake regular reviews of our internal processes to ensure compliance in the selection of suppliers and other partners. 


All of our development and operational decisions must go through a rigorous internal review process to evaluate risks and to ensure that all procedures are followed, with members of different departments such as business development, legal, finance, construction, property management and others having an input.  

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