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Case Studies

Human-centric Places Empowering People and Businesses to Thrive

ESR is committed to promoting the health and wellness of our building occupants by enhancing the workplace environment and improving building performance. The recent attainment of WELL Gold…

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Family-friendly Spaces Boosting Workplace Productivity

In Japan, the lack of quality child-care facilities is a challenge to many of our partners in terms of growing businesses and improving the wellbeing of their employees. In recent years we have come up with an innovative solution…

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Supporting Good Quality Education for All

ESR has founded, in conjunction with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the Qin Fund to fulfil its mandate of expanding access to modern educational opportunities for children in rural China. The national initiative spans 13 provinces…

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Adapting to Climate Risks and Opportunities

The world has been facing climate change impacts. With its arid environment and the devastating wildfires, Australia is at the forefront of the climate change challenges. Our ESR Australia team is…

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Sustainable Design, Sustainable Operations

An integral part of our ESG objectives is to provide best in class logistics facilities for the new economy and to embrace smarter ways to reduce our environmental impact. Through innovations like energy-efficient lighting, waste water management, recycling programmes and roof-mounted solar panels, we are able to minimise our use of electricity and water – reducing operating costs for suppliers as well as our impact on the environment.

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