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ESG Vision

We are committed to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations across the logistics real estate development cycle of our activities and in our diligence, transparency and accountability processes.

We integrate ESG considerations into our business activities with a view to managing scarce natural resources, looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our stakeholders, and ensuring effective corporate governance while striving to maintain positive financial returns.

ESG features at the earliest stages of our investment identification. We conduct feasibility studies with reference to stakeholder interests and specific ESG Due Diligence considerations. At the investment stage, we make decisions with regard for financial and non-financial risks, including climate risk. During asset development, we appoint contractors in accordance with sustainable development objectives, and strive to achieve local and internally recognised sustainability standards for our buildings. In all local offices, our leadership teams are setting goals and monitoring performance to facilitate meaningful reporting and disclosure.

What We Do

  • Investment

    Our investments include completed properties held on our balance sheet, co-investments in funds and investment vehicles as well as public REITs that we manage.

  • Fund Management

    We manage a broad range of funds and investment vehicles with interests in a portfolio of premium logistics properties at various stages of the property life cycle.

  • Development

    Featuring an end-to-end integrated suite of technical capabilities and services, our development platform covers every stage of the development cycle from land sourcing and design through to construction and leasing.

Key Processes

  • Investment identification
    Feasibility study, transaction due diligence
    Investment decisions
    Permit approvals
  • Asset development
    Asset management
    Performance monitoring & reporting

How We Do It

  • Policies and Procedures

    Our Group ESG Policy outlines how we integrate ESG considerations into all aspects of our business. Complemented by our full suite of corporate policies, codes and practices, it sets out the direction of consensus-building for continual improvement in sustainability performance across the Group.

  • Responsibility

    Our Group ESG Committee is made up of senior representatives from key departments and regions. It is chaired by the ESG Officer and reports to the Executive Management Board and the Board of Directors. The Committee oversees our progress towards achieving our ESG vision and strategy, and ensures that we meet our commitments and adhere to corporate policies and practices.

  • Accountability

    We participate in and actively support sustainability certifications, benchmarks and surveys so that our customers, investors and other Key Stakeholders can make informed assessments about our sustainability performance.