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ESG Vision

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  • ESG in ESR

  • S Sustainable and
    innovative space
    and solutions for
    the future
  • E Encouraging
    diversity and
  • R Responsible

Our overarching commitment to ESG or “Environmental, Social, Governance” is at the heart of our business practices which are underpinned by ESR’s core values and mission to build the logistics infrastructure for the new economy and create the backbone of the 21st century commerce across the APAC region.

Through our responsible investment approach and maintaining a strong focus on ESG, our objective is to enhance shareholder value while achieving positive impacts on society and the environment. At ESR we believe a culture of strong corporate governance provides the foundation for sustained and balanced growth over the long term.

We recognise that the new economy must be built back by purpose-led and responsible businesses. As a leader in logistics real estate, we have a five-year ESG roadmap in place to spearhead the way forward.

Check out important ESG initiatives by ARA, an ESR Group Company, which is also a long-time pioneer in ESG and sustainability, from HERE.

ESG Objectives

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  • Provide best in class logistics facilities for the new economy.
  • Meet recognised sustainable design and construction standards to embrace smarter ways to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Provide an inclusive, safe and healthy working environment and promote the well-being of our people across our entire supply chain.
  • Enhance gender balance and empowerment of women in our workforce.
  • Engage proactively with our stakeholders, in particular our employees, tenants and suppliers in the areas of health and safety, sustainable procurement and resilience.
    (SDG8, SDG13)
  • Facilitate opportunities to contribute positively to our local communities.

ESG Strategy

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ESG Reports

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ESG Policies

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Case Studies

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