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Case Studies

Sustainable Design, Sustainable Operations

One of ESR’s sustainability goals is to develop and manage energy and resource-efficient buildings. Through innovations like energy-efficient lighting, waste water management, recycling programmes and roof-mounted solar panels, we are able to minimise our use of electricity and water – reducing operating costs for suppliers as well as our impact on the environment.

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Empowering Women in Japan

In Japan, the lack of private day-care centres can pose challenges for working mothers with young children. To support employees and business partners with young families, ESR offers day-care centres (called “BARNKLÜBB”) at facilities over 100,000 sqm.

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Supporting Underprivileged Children in China

The Qin Charity Foundation was founded by ESR and the China Red Cross Foundation to provide educational and extracurricular courses for underprivileged children living in China’s rural areas. The Foundation’s programmes teach real-world skills through advanced technology. ESR staff are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and efforts to improve rural children’s lives and future prospects.

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