ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET One highlight of how we prioritise our people can be seen from our response to staff feedback in the inaugural Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. We listened and acted on staff feedback, including organising five Townhall sessions and putting in place structured performance review (see Managing & Developing Talent section for details). We will continue to grow our diverse and professional workforce and increase our efforts to achieve greater cross-function integration. ESR’s local offices ensure full compliance with the relevant employment and occupational health and safety laws and regulations in all jurisdictions. SAFETY, HEALTH & WELL-BEING We recognise that health and well-being are core enablers of organisational performance. We commit to providing safe workplaces and promoting a holistic well-being, including facilitating a healthy work-life balance. We also involve our employees across multiple levels to reinforce that health and safety are a shared responsibility. At the Group level, we promote health and safety through company operating standards and procedures that increase our employees’ work safety awareness, create a safe workplace where no threats or acts of violence are tolerated, and especially in light of the ongoing pandemic – pursuance of a clean and hygienic work environment. There are established policies at the Group level available on our Intranet relating to these areas, such as the “Employee Health and Safety” section and our “No Violence Workplace” policy under the Group HR Policy, as well as, the Discrimination and Harassment section from our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. To cater to the local contexts, there are company level policies and operating practices which are put in place. All employees must follow company policies and guidelines from the Group Risk Management Department. If an employee identifies a potential hazard, they are required to raise the issue to their manager or local HR without delay. At the regional level, all property and project managers are required to attend occupational first aid, CPR, AED and the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) training courses to equip themselves with the skills to be in-house first responders, to better manage and respond to any building emergencies. More specific to our property development teams, worksite safety programmes are put in place including the prevailing COVID-19 safety management measures and regular participation in fire drills. Our project managers set up measures on the oversight of the general contractor and related service providers which take responsibility for the entire site in compliance with local building and safety regulations, conduct periodic meetings to discuss related risks and ensure that emergency preparedness training are being conducted. We also work closely with our supply chain to ensure that employees of our contractors have acceptable standards of safety and health protection as specified in our Supplier Code of Conduct. In our South Korea portfolio, we are pleased to share that 22 assets have achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating certification, representing over 22 million square feet. We are committed to prioritising our people’s health and our spaces for safe re-entry in a post-COVID-19 environment, where occupants can work with peace of mind. The WELL HealthSafety Rating entails a third-party review process, including evaluation of cleaning and sanitisation procedures, emergency preparedness programmes, air and water quality management, stakeholder engagement and communication and innovation. This certification demonstrates our commitment to the health and well-being of our tenants. We believe in the sharing of best practices across our regions and are looking into the WELL Health-Safety Rating certification for other regions as well. We also seek to comply with all local health and safety regulations and safety training requirements. Goyang Logistics Park ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 14 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC