ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

ESR Cayman Limited (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability) Stock Code: 1821 BUILDING MOMENTUM FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021

CONTENTS 3 Message from Chairman 4 Message from CEOs 5 Our Sustainability Commitments 6 Highlights for 2021 7 About ESR 9 ESG @ ESR 10 ESG in Action VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 13 Engaging with Our Stakeholders 14 People are Our Greatest Asset 14 Safety, Health & Well-being 15 M anaging & Developing Talent 18 Diversity & Inclusion 19 Seeding Positive Change in Our Communities 21 Designed with Occupants in Mind PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC 24 Sustainable & Efficient Operations 27 Sustainable Building Certifications 29 Climate Change Resilience 30 Flexible & Adaptable Properties 31 Strategic Locations PILLAR 2: PROPERTY PORTFOLIO 34 Corporate Governance 36 Corporate Policies 38 Third-Party Risk Management 39 Responsible Investment 41 Disclosure & Reporting PILLAR 3: CORPORATE PERFORMANCE 44 ESG Data Summary 51 Independent Assurance 53 HKEX and GRI Indices ABOUT THIS REPORT


MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN “ Being APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy, ESR recognises the importance of effective sustainability practices and places ESG at the heart of our business practices as we actively integrate ESG factors into our business decisions.” 2021 has again been a challenging year for the world. The global COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled an economic downturn that has affected individuals and businesses, causing losses and suffering for people, families and communities. Nevertheless, new work patterns and the accompanying changes in market demand have created a new era of opportunity in the real estate industry. Although there are adverse effects on the global supply chain caused by COVID-19, we have utilised the resources at our disposal in such a manner that minimises disruptions. Under new patterns of life after the pandemic, the ability of companies to manage and respond to changes is to be tested. As our attention moves towards normalcy, we must continue to stay focused on our sustainability goals and ESG 2025 Roadmap ahead. Our sustainability strategy seeks to address social and environmental challenges but also to create profound business opportunities. Stakeholders’ expectations continue to evolve. As investors, businesses and public institutions have more expectations of our investment, fund management and development businesses, they also want to partner with us and share common values and interests. Being APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy, ESR recognises the importance of effective sustainability practices and places ESG at the heart of our business practices as we actively integrate ESG factors into our business decisions. Our Board of Directors has the overall stewardship and responsibility for ESG strategies and direction. By maintaining our responsible investment approach with a strong focus on ESG, we seek to enhance shareholder value and deliver positive impacts on society and the environment. We are thrilled to have successfully acquired ARA Asset Management Limited (“ARA”), including its subsidiary LOGOS, in January 2022. This enabled us to transform the Group’s growth trajectory and bring together the best-in-class sustainability practices to drive initiatives and synergies going forward. ARA and LOGOS’ pioneering efforts in sustainability will help us strengthen our foothold and commitment to ESG. As we move into the next chapter of ESR’s journey, we will continue to expand our ESG efforts across the enlarged Group. For one, we will ramp up the generation of renewable energy from solar as ESR controls more roof space than anyone in APAC and this is a crucial part of our long-term goal to reach net zero carbon. In the areas of responsible investing, ESR will officially become a signatory of UN-PRI over the coming months. On the environmental front, we are committed to achieving more green building certifications and sustainable financing as part of our holistic approach to embracing a sustainable future. Moving forward, we will continue to advance our ambitious plans and stay ahead of the changing ESG landscape. With a clear sustainable purpose, we will continue to build on our momentum as a responsible manager and good corporate citizen. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we encourage you to read the details of this report. We appreciate your feedback and continued support. Jeffrey David Perlman Chairman 31 May 2022 ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 3 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

MESSAGE FROM CEOs “ ESR will continue to leverage on our existing resources to ensure our communities’ sustainable development and protect the safety and well-being of our stakeholders.” ESR believes that a successful enterprise should not maximise profits at all costs but should endeavour to strike a balance between stakeholders’ interests and our social responsibility for maintaining an enterprise’s sustainable development. As the leading New Economy real estate platform, we aspire to lead and set the standard for sustainable development of our industry. ESR’s ESG Framework reflects how we put our sustainability goals into action. Our team looks for new and better answers to transform our world while making us stronger and more resilient. After all, we cannot simply prosper as a company unless our colleagues, our community and our planet thrive. Our ESG Framework is focused on three main pillars: Human Centric, Property Portfolio and Corporate Performance. A total of 14 Focus Areas were identified as part of our ESG 2025 Roadmap and actions are taken to address each of these aspects. Our attention to these areas has helped to guide our planning and responses to make our operational footprint more sustainable and socially impactful. To-date, we are pleased to report that our ESG performance for 2021 is on track to achieve our focus areas. In 2021, there are several highlights added to our ESG credentials. We closed our inaugural US$1 billion SustainabilityLinked Loan, which incorporates the ESG focus areas into our business strategies and aligns our funding to these commitments. Notably, ESR notched up another year of outstanding scores and accolades, topping the lists across multiple categories in the 2021 GRESB Assessment and attaining its MSCI ESG Rating of A. On the environmental front, energy sustainability continues to be our priority as we added more rooftop panels to further increase solar power generation in all markets and work towards a 50% increase in our solar power generation capacity by 2025. We have also utilised MSCI’s Real Estate VaR model to create solutions for addressing climate risks. Technological innovation is the way forward to improve our operations, build a more sustainable and efficient business, and at the same time create a people-centric environment for our customers. ESR will continue to leverage on our existing resources to ensure our communities’ sustainable development and protect the safety and well-being of our stakeholders. Over the past year, ESR has made progress in lowering its carbon footprint and digitalising its operations. Looking to the future, we understand that much remains to be done and that the years ahead are essential to our enlarged Group. We are excited about embracing opportunities for continuous improvement in the next phase of sustainability for ESR. Lastly, we would like to thank our Board of Directors for its strategic direction and guidance on ESG, and also express our gratitude to our management teams, staff, investors, business partners, customers and communities for their invaluable support for our ESG journey. Jinchu Shen and Stuart Gibson Co-founders & Co-CEOs 31 May 2022 ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 4 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

OUR SUSTAINABILITY COMMITMENTS E Encouraging diversity and inclusion R Responsible investment approach S Sustainable and innovative space and solutions for the future Provide best-in-class logistics facilities for the New Economy. Meet recognised sustainable design and construction standards to embrace smarter ways to reduce our environmental impact. Provide an inclusive, safe and healthy working environment and promote the well-being of our people across our entire supply chain. Enhance gender balance and empowerment of women in our workforce. Engage proactively with our stakeholders, in particular our employees, tenants and suppliers in the areas of health and safety, sustainable procurement and resilience. Facilitate opportunities to contribute positively to our local communities. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 5 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2021 The content of this report aligns with ESR’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 2025 Roadmap. Below are some key highlights for 2021: 22 Assets achieved WELL Health-Safety Rating in South Korea 39.4 MW Rooftop solar power installed capacity US$1 Billion Sustainability-Linked Loan closed 164,000 GJ Solar power generation Zero workforce fatalities 97 Sustainable buildings certifications achieved across our six major markets 20% of GFA completed in 2021 has been certified by recognised sustainable building standards or the certification process is underway Active Community Investment Efforts from converting a 40,000 sqm warehouse into a COVID-19 treatment centre in Vietnam, to promoting mental well-being for our industry in Australia New Employee Engagement Initiatives launched, informed employee feedback, including myESR and Coffee and Learn sessions HUMAN CENTRIC PROPERTY PORTFOLIO CORPORATE PERFORMANCE New Corporate Policies Enhanced • Sustainability Procurement Policy • Asset Management & Development Guidelines Third-Party Risk Management New function added to Compliance Desktop® where requestor can order an Enhanced Due Diligence report to improve transparency of compliance and risk management across the Group ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 6 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

ESR is APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy and the third largest listed real estate investment manager globally. Our fully integrated development and investment management platform extends across key APAC markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, representing over 95% of GDP in APAC, and also includes an expanding presence in Europe and the U.S.. We provide a diverse range of real asset investment solutions and New Economy real estate development opportunities across our private funds business, which allows capital partners and customers to capitalise on the most significant secular trends in APAC. ESR aspires to operate sustainably and impactfully, and we consider the environment and the communities in which we operate as key stakeholders of our business. Our activities encompass three core business areas: INVESTMENT Our investment platform includes completed properties held on our balance sheet, our co-investments in the funds and investment vehicles and the public REITs we manage, as well as other investments. FUND MANAGEMENT We manage a broad range of funds and investment vehicles that invest in a portfolio of premium real assets in various stages of the property life cycle, providing a single interface with multiple investment opportunities for our capital partners. DEVELOPMENT Our development platform with an end-toend integrated suite of technical capabilities and services covers every stage of the development cycle including land sourcing, design, construction and leasing. ABOUT ESR 43 Newton Road, Wetherill Park, New South Wales, Australia ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 7 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

ABOUT ESR CHINA 138 Headcount4 9.2m GFA5 (sqm) HONG KONG 49 Headcount4 INDIA 89 Headcount4 1.5m GFA5 (sqm) SINGAPORE 111 Headcount4 1.8m GFA5 (sqm) AUSTRALIA 87 Headcount4 4.0m GFA5 (sqm) JAPAN 70 Headcount4 4.4m GFA5 (sqm) INDONESIA 11 Headcount4 0.2m GFA5 (sqm) SOUTH KOREA 84 Headcount4 4.3m GFA5 (sqm) OUR EXPANDED NETWORK FOLLOWING THE ARA ACQUISITION On 20 January 2022, ESR successfully acquired ARA Asset Management Limited (“ARA”), including its subsidiary LOGOS, to become APAC’s largest real asset manager and third largest listed real estate investment manager globally. Going forward, the scope of the ESG Report in the following year will include ARA as part of the enlarged Group. Notes 1 Pro forma Total AUM for the enlarged Group, including AUM of associates (Cromwell and Kenedix) as of 31 December 2021. 2 Pro forma GFA of the enlarged Group, excluding assets managed by associates as of 31 December 2021. 3 Headcount for the enlarged Group as of 31 December 2021. 4 ESR standalone headcount as of 31 December 2021. 5 ESR standalone GFA comprising completed properties, properties under construction and land, as of 31 December 2021. 39.8 MILLION SQM GROSS FLOOR AREA (GFA)2 2,000+ HEADCOUNT ACROSS THE GLOBE3 US$140.2 BILLION ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT (TOTAL AUM)1 ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 8 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

ESG @ ESR INVESTMENT IDENTIFICATION ASSET DEVELOPMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT MONITORING & REPORTING PERMIT APPROVALS DUE DILIGENCE Sustainable business means incorporating ESG into every aspect of our business and decision-making. As we pursue our ESG objectives, we are mindful of our stakeholders’ expectations to deliver performance and integrate ESG factors into our operations. Throughout various stages of our whole asset life cycle, we incorporate sustainability considerations in investments, asset management and development, putting in place best practices, setting goals and monitoring performance to facilitate continuous improvement across every market in which we operate. ESG FRAMEWORK Our ESG Framework organises material ESG topics for our business into 14 Focus Areas under three pillars. Strategic initiatives and targets are in place for each focus area. This report provides an overview of our management approaches, as well as a status update on our performance. Basic human needs are universal. Meeting those needs today while ensuring they can continue to be met in the future is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Focus Areas • Stakeholder Engagement • Safety, Health & Well-being • Managing & Developing Talent • Diversity & Inclusion • Community Investment Our vision is to develop and manage logistics facilities for the New Economy. We offer our tenants modern, stateof-the-art, focused and integrated real estate platforms. Focus Areas • Sustainable & Efficient Operations • Sustainable Building Certifications • Climate Change Resilience • Flexible & Adaptable Properties • Strategic Locations Strong corporate performance is the foundation upon which we will achieve sustained and balanced growth giving rise to stable returns over the long-term. Focus Areas • Corporate Governance • Risk Management • Responsible Investment • Disclosure & Reporting CORPORATE PERFORMANCE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO HUMAN CENTRIC ESR’S VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ESG FRAMEWORK ALIGNS WITH THE UNITED NATIONS 2030 AGENDA, WHICH IDENTIFIES 17 INTERLINKED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGS) TO HELP CREATE A BETTER AND MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR ALL. OUR ESG FRAMEWORK ALIGNS WITH SIX SDGS WHERE WE FEEL WE CAN MAKE THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 9 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ESG IN ACTION ESR has emphasised on four attributes being greenhouse gas emissions reduction, water conservation, sustainable materials and built to last. Various initiatives have been undertaken to ensure these factors are considered in the structure and design of our properties. To highlight, we have completed our ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1 located in Kanagawa, Japan that is over 195,000 sqm GFA in January 2022. This is one of our many properties that illustrates how it addresses the focus areas in our ESG Framework and involves multiple stakeholders. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT 19-month build project in collaboration with leading local partners: • Shiohama Industry Corporation (Architect and Contractor) • Takato Tamagami Architectural Design, Ltd. (Amenity Space Designer) • Mio Watanabe Design Office, LLC. (Landscape Designer) FLEXIBLE & ADAPTABLE Four-story distribution centre epitomising the highest specifications for modern logistics: • 5.5m clear height • 2.0/1.5 ton/sqm floor loading • Seismic base isolation structured facility • Robust pre-cast prestressed concrete beam and column made in Turkey • Logo and decoration as local symbol on external wall STRATEGIC LOCATION Exceptional access to Yokohama, which has large national ports and easy access from highway. SUSTAINABLE & EFFICIENT OPERATIONS Full array of sustainable elements to mitigate environmental impacts including: • Energy-saving features • Onsite solar power generation • 7,000 sqm green spaces • Forest conservation • Bioswale system GREEN BUILDINGS Received the following sustainability credentials certified by leading industry bodies: • Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE A Rank) • Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community (ABINC) • BELS 5 stars REPORTING & DISCLOSURE Part of ESR’s Redwood Japan Logistics Fund II Limited Partnership and RJLF 3 Co-Investment Platform, which both scored 5 out of 5 Green Stars in GRESB’s 2021 Development category. They are ranked second out of 20 peers within Industrial Asia. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 10


Focus Areas Targets Status Stakeholder Engagement Develop and launch Tenant Engagement initiatives with monitoring and follow up actions from the Tenant Engagement Surveys Baseline surveys have been completed for our operations in Australia, China, India and Japan. In particular, ESR Australia has provided training to tenants on utilising the online portal to convey their feedback and address indoor air quality and wellness related questions to improve green building certifications. Safety, Health & Well-being Zero workforce fatalities This target was achieved in 2021. Managing & Developing Talent Develop and launch employee engagement initiatives with monitoring and follow up actions from the Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey Priority areas were identified from the Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. Employee engagement initiatives, including myESR and Coffee and Learn sessions, were developed and launched. Diversity & Inclusion 40% overall female participation in our workforce by 2025 In 2021, the gender ratio of women among all employees was 37.8%, up from 35.8% in 2020. Community Investment Launch ESR Community Engagement Programme Work in progress. PILLAR 1 HUMAN CENTRIC The first pillar of our ESG Framework focuses on the social aspect of our operations; especially areas relating to tenants, people and the community. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 12 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

ENGAGING WITH OUR STAKEHOLDERS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT IS INTEGRAL TO THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS At ESR, we work closely with our stakeholders, both internal and external, to achieve shared business goals that align with our core values. Constructive engagement and long-term relationships are integral to our daily business. To strive for continuous improvement, we must listen to and reflect upon the views of key stakeholder groups, consider the performance of our peers and keep up to date on the latest developments and technologies relevant to our industry. Times like these reinforce the fact that people are our most important asset. Our people have been and continue to be fundamental to the Group’s resilience and agility. Attracting and retaining the right talent is key to our continued success. Three out of five focus areas in the Human Centric pillar of our ESG Framework address various aspects of human resource management, including Safety, Health & Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion and Managing & Developing Talent. We engage our employees through various surveys and dialogues – including our 2020 Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey, myESR Intranet, Townhall sessions, Coffee and Learn sessions, In-Conversation sessions with our Co-CEOs and CSR initiatives with our Co-CEOs. ESR is fortunate to receive backing from some of the world’s preeminent investors such as APG,, CPP Investments, Oxford Properties, PGGM and Ping An. We cultivate strong and sustainable relationships with our capital partners, including shareholders, investors, analysts and fund managers, by providing regular and relevant information on corporate and business developments. We also recognise increasing demands from this stakeholder group for comprehensive disclosure around ESG-related risks and opportunities, particularly those related to climate change. In addition to regular updates, our other engagement channels include investor meetings, quarterly reporting updates and Annual General Meetings. 3PL and e-Commerce businesses account for approximately 62% of our tenant base across the enlarged Group. The remainder comprises brick-and-mortar retailers, manufacturers, cold-chain logistics and others. What all these highly-valued tenants have in common is the need to be closely connected to their customers in order to operate highly efficient supply chains. Our role is to provide sustainable and innovative solutions. ESR’s property managers are responsible for upholding the highest standards expected of our facilities throughout the region. They engage with tenants and liaise closely with vendors in our managed properties to oversee security, cleaning, repairs and other maintenance. In addition to these meetings, we also engage tenants through surveys, a 24/7 call centre to address tenants’ needs and community events. Contributing positively to sustainable development of the communities is integral to our corporate vision. As part of our ESG Framework, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a coordinated Group-wide Community Engagement Programme that will tie various initiatives from our local offices together into a coherent approach. EMPLOYEES SHAREHOLDERS, CAPITAL PARTNERS AND INVESTORS TENANTS COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 13 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET One highlight of how we prioritise our people can be seen from our response to staff feedback in the inaugural Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. We listened and acted on staff feedback, including organising five Townhall sessions and putting in place structured performance review (see Managing & Developing Talent section for details). We will continue to grow our diverse and professional workforce and increase our efforts to achieve greater cross-function integration. ESR’s local offices ensure full compliance with the relevant employment and occupational health and safety laws and regulations in all jurisdictions. SAFETY, HEALTH & WELL-BEING We recognise that health and well-being are core enablers of organisational performance. We commit to providing safe workplaces and promoting a holistic well-being, including facilitating a healthy work-life balance. We also involve our employees across multiple levels to reinforce that health and safety are a shared responsibility. At the Group level, we promote health and safety through company operating standards and procedures that increase our employees’ work safety awareness, create a safe workplace where no threats or acts of violence are tolerated, and especially in light of the ongoing pandemic – pursuance of a clean and hygienic work environment. There are established policies at the Group level available on our Intranet relating to these areas, such as the “Employee Health and Safety” section and our “No Violence Workplace” policy under the Group HR Policy, as well as, the Discrimination and Harassment section from our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. To cater to the local contexts, there are company level policies and operating practices which are put in place. All employees must follow company policies and guidelines from the Group Risk Management Department. If an employee identifies a potential hazard, they are required to raise the issue to their manager or local HR without delay. At the regional level, all property and project managers are required to attend occupational first aid, CPR, AED and the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) training courses to equip themselves with the skills to be in-house first responders, to better manage and respond to any building emergencies. More specific to our property development teams, worksite safety programmes are put in place including the prevailing COVID-19 safety management measures and regular participation in fire drills. Our project managers set up measures on the oversight of the general contractor and related service providers which take responsibility for the entire site in compliance with local building and safety regulations, conduct periodic meetings to discuss related risks and ensure that emergency preparedness training are being conducted. We also work closely with our supply chain to ensure that employees of our contractors have acceptable standards of safety and health protection as specified in our Supplier Code of Conduct. In our South Korea portfolio, we are pleased to share that 22 assets have achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating certification, representing over 22 million square feet. We are committed to prioritising our people’s health and our spaces for safe re-entry in a post-COVID-19 environment, where occupants can work with peace of mind. The WELL HealthSafety Rating entails a third-party review process, including evaluation of cleaning and sanitisation procedures, emergency preparedness programmes, air and water quality management, stakeholder engagement and communication and innovation. This certification demonstrates our commitment to the health and well-being of our tenants. We believe in the sharing of best practices across our regions and are looking into the WELL Health-Safety Rating certification for other regions as well. We also seek to comply with all local health and safety regulations and safety training requirements. Goyang Logistics Park ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 14 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET Combatting COVID-19 together As a Group, we continue to take active measures to effectively respond to the pandemic, including enforcement of consistent cleaning and implementation of safe distancing measures in our assets and offices, adoption of flexible working arrangements, provision of mental well-being webinars, and supporting individuals especially hard hit by the pandemic in our communities. In Singapore, ESR-LOGOS REIT (formerly known as ESR-REIT) launched the COVID-19 Care Initiative in support of its F&B tenants, frontline heroes, senior citizens and low-income families in the community. F&B tenants had taken a hard hit with social restrictions, and we responded by purchasing cash vouchers to help provide a boost in sales. The vouchers were distributed to individuals affected by the pandemic with the help of Kembangan Chai Chee Community Centre. Managing Stress and Work-life Balance To help promote our colleagues’ health in mind and in body during a time when working from home sustained as a pattern, we delivered mental well-being webinars, including on the topics of mental wellness for parents who are working from home and learning to self-manage and stay recharged to avoid workplace burnout. Besides flexible working arrangements, we promote work-life balance in other areas such as family care leave, recreational facilities in the office, off-site staff bonding activities and official rest days. Two Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) were also launched in Australia and South Korea in 2021 and we are looking at implementing this in additional markets. ESR cares. We act on the thoughts of our people. MANAGING & DEVELOPING TALENT In last year’s report, we shared the launch and findings from our inaugural Group-wide Employee Engagement Survey. 517 respondents took part and overall findings revealed a +10.9 Net Promoter Score and high levels of confidence in ESR’s business strategy and leadership. We have also reviewed findings from the survey to help guide our talent management approach going forward. ESR appointed employee liaison representatives to identify priorities and recommend response actions. These employee liaison representatives then partnered with Country Heads and the Group HR team to put in place recommended actions in response to priority areas identified from the survey. The table below gives an overview of response actions implemented in 2021, with further details in the paragraphs that follow. Priority area identified from survey Response actions implemented in 2021 Communications • Launched Group-wide intranet, myESR • Organised 5 Townhall sessions Inclusion & Respect / Teamwork • Organised a webinar on Collaborating Across Culture on 21 May 2021 Career Development • Put in place structured performance review with target setting and formal annual review with focus on development areas Group photo of Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore), Voucher recipients (frontline workers), ESR-LOGOS REIT - Ms Lyn Ong and Mr Adrian Chui ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 15 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET Communications – Our Response Actions In line with feedback from our inaugural Employee Engagement Survey in 2020, we received feedback to improve internal communication and we have launched the ESR Intranet, myESR. myESR helps foster timely communication of employee news internally, in addition to serving as a one-stop platform for staff to access resources including firm policies, HR information and industry insights. This is a collaborative effort amongst teams in the firm and an important milestone for our employee engagement journey. We organised 5 Townhall sessions in 2021, where updates relating to ESR’s latest business were communicated to our staff. Townhalls also serve as a platform to promote communication between employees and senior management. For example, at these Townhall sessions, senior leaders shared the ESG 2025 Roadmap ahead on the integration of ESR and ARA and addressed questions from staff on the integration. Launch of “Coffee and Learn” series In 2021, we also launched an organisation-wide “Coffee and Learn” series. In the spirit of sharing best practices across our Group, we adapted the “Lunch and Learn” initiative from the Australia office to expand a learning series across various time zones of the markets we operate in. Information on the topic background, speaker qualifications and outcomes of what participants can expect to learn are communicated to all our staff ahead of each Coffee and Learn session. Fittingly on the topic of collaboration, we kicked off the Coffee and Learn series with sharing from an external expert on culture, leadership and inclusion on “Collaborating Across Cultures”, followed by a series on cyber security also from an external expert, where participating staff gained deeper understanding on how to better safeguard themselves and the company against cyber security threats. Responding to feedback on an eagerness to hear from in-house subject matter experts, we then pivoted to hold Coffee and Learn sessions where our very own staff spoke on topics of their expertise – “Our Future Warehouse – The Impact of New Technology” and “ESG: The what, the why and the path forward”. We view these are important topics for our staff to familiarise with and we look forward to using these initial conversations to spur further exchange across our Group. Through hearing from our own staff, we are also responding to survey feedback to promote internal knowledge sharing and increase learning opportunities. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 16 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET Co-CEOs engagement with staff Employee engagement and communication are core priorities for our Co-CEOs. In-Conversation with Stuart Gibson, Co-CEO Our Co-CEO, Stuart Gibson, hosted two In-Conversation sessions, one with colleagues from South Korea and another one with our Singapore colleagues. These sessions provide the opportunity for open communication between our employees and senior leaders, and in a more casual setting where they can get to know one another better through mingling and networking time. Through this platform, senior leaders also share insights on the logistics real estate industry and ESR’s business strategies. Equally if not more important, employees are invited to share their views and ask questions. China CSR effort led by Jeffrey Shen, Co-CEO Employee Engagement through our work in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is another channel that promotes connection between senior leaders and our employees, where our people have the opportunity to work on a community initiative together and get to know each other better outside of the work context. Aligned with our vision for sustainable development, we are committed to supporting admirable causes that drive positive change. Co-CEO Jeffrey Shen led members of our China team to participate in a CSR initiative to support the teachers and students of Jin Niu Elementary School in the Yangbi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province in their efforts to resume normal classes following the impact of an earthquake. Our team engaged in extracurricular activities and small class teaching as part of the ESR Future Classrooms programme. Senior leaders and employees who took part in the event shared that it was a meaningful experience to contribute to a community in the market we operate in. Career Development We have put in place structured performance review with target setting and formal annual review with focus on development areas. Employees receive feedback from their managers on performance and areas for improvement during this annual exercise, which aims to support our employees in achieving their performance goals and continuously developing their competencies. Our approach to leadership development combines formal training with mentoring and career coaching. On the other end with recruitment, we have partnered with National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to offer internship programmes to students. Through students’ internships with ESR, we hope to provide insight into the real estate industry and develop potential future talents. Culture of Active Learning We value a culture of active learning and support our employees through access to different types of training. Training activities in our regional offices entailed online training and learning forums on topics including risk management, cyber security, soft skills and ESG awareness. In China, we arranged a 7-day AutoCAD certificate training programme to upskill project and property staff. In Australia, we obtained corporate membership to the Property Council of Australia, which provides our staff access to its comprehensive learning academy and professional development events. Compulsory training for all our directors and staff includes periodic anti-corruption and compliance training. In December 2021, there was a regulatory update by the external legal counsels to the directors on topic relating to corporate governance standards, including anti-corruption. For the staff, they are required to complete the assigned compliance e-learning courses annually. Regional offices regularly promote training opportunities, including job-related training, such as those relating to new regulations and external certification courses. Regional offices also cover employee training expenses for professional membership and examination fees, as well as participation in external training programmes and industry conferences. Total Rewards Strategy We review remuneration annually to evaluate individual performance. We also assess remuneration to be competitively aligned to the market to reinforce a pay for performance culture. Beyond mandatory requirements in local employment law, our local offices offer a range of benefits from paid vacation, medical and family leave, to insurance and retirement saving schemes. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 17 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Diverse workplaces free from discrimination We value diversity and believe all employees have the right to work in a supportive and professional environment. Employees at all levels have an obligation to ensure that the Company’s Diversity and Inclusion goals are fully carried out in their areas of responsibilities. It is the responsibility of each supervisor to promptly address any questions or complaints about diversity or equal treatment and, if necessary, refer them to the Human Resources Department for additional assistance. In terms of our recruiting process, we provide equal opportunities to employees, candidates and suppliers where no applicant will be treated less favourably than another based on grounds including race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, family status, membership in trade unions and political affiliations. Women in our workforce At 37.8%, women are represented in our workforce with room for improvement, particularly at senior management levels, reflecting social and cultural norms for our industry in the APAC region. ESR strives to redress the gender balance through policies and procedures for attracting, encouraging and supporting female candidates and employees. ESR once again embraced International Women’s Day in 2021 as an opportunity to celebrate the women who work at ESR. We took part in a virtual event hosted by the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) on the theme ‘Choose to Challenge’, where our Group CCO, Lilian Lee, alongside other accomplished women leaders, shared words of inspiration and together promoted gender inclusivity in Asia’s real estate sector. We also launched the ESG Webinar Series: Celebrating the Women of ESR in 2021, where we heard from two speakers - Anne LeBourgeois (Hamilton Advisors) and Pat Dwyer (The Purpose Business), as well as our own colleagues, around the theme of the value and challenges of women at work. In Australia, we hosted an International Women’s Day lunch with external guest speaker Josephine Sukkar, who was appointed the first female Chair of Sport Australia. The event saw high participation from our female employees, many of whom were inspired by the event and found it helpful through the sharing of practical tips on optimising career progression. To uphold the Group’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Company (in conjunction with the nomination committee) has appointed two new female independent non-executive directors to the Board on 19 April 2022 and 25 May 2022 (i.e. total of three female directors currently). ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 18 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

SEEDING POSITIVE CHANGE IN OUR COMMUNITIES AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT OF OUR CULTURE IS CONTRIBUTING POSITIVELY TO THE COMMUNITIES IN WHICH WE OPERATE Our regional offices participate in a range of community investment activities in partnership with local organisations. In accordance with our Code of Conduct, all charitable donations and sponsorships provided by the Group must be compatible with our commitment to operating in an ethical manner, and prior approval must be obtained from our Legal and Compliance teams. CONVERTING A 40,000 SQM WAREHOUSE INTO COVID-19 FIELD TREATMENT CENTRE Together with BW Industrial, our joint venture partner on My Phuoc 4, ESR accelerated completion of the 40,000 sqm facility in Binh Duong, Vietnam to serve as a COVID-19 treatment centre in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. In close alliance with the People’s Committee of Binh Duong, where the facility is located, we installed electricity, water and toilet facilities to prepare the space to be operational ready as a treatment centre. SUPPORTING LOCAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS EFFORTS IN KANAGAWA, JAPAN In December 2021, we announced an agreement with the government of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, a prefecture of over 9 million residents, to offer our facilities to support the smooth and speedy implementation of disaster response in the area susceptible to natural disaster. Under the “Agreement on the establishment of a disaster relief emergency supplies transport hub”, ESR will work closely with authorities and emergency personnel in Kanagawa Prefecture to maintain a stable delivery hub. This safeguards the continuation of goods transportation when supply lines are disrupted by providing space in its primelylocated modern distribution centres. The seven facilities included in the agreement are: ESR Namamugi Distribution Centre, ESR Kawasaki Yako Distribution Centre, ESR Chigasaki Distribution Centre, ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centres 1&2, ESR Kawasaki Ukishima Distribution Centre and ESR Higashi Ogishima Distribution Centre. They are amongst ESR’s very best logistics facilities – built with the highest degree of human-centric features and the latest technology. ESR remains committed to leveraging its resources to nurture the sustainable development of communities and ensure the safety and well-being of stakeholders. ESR Higashi Ogishima Distribution Centre ESR Co-founder & Co-CEO Stuart Gibson, the Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, Yuji Kuroiwa My Phuoc 4 Industrial & Logistics Park ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 19 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

SUPPORTING STUDENT ARTISTS IN OUR HONG KONG COMMUNITY To mark the holiday season in a meaningful way, ESR and ARA came together to support student artists from Hong Chi Association, a Hong Kong-based NGO dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities. Four talented students from Hong Chi Winifred Mary Cheung Morninghope School – Chan Ching Lok, Ho Yiu Hei Sammon, Kwok Yu Hing YoYo and Wang Xue Ying Elsa – created artwork depicting landmark ESR and ARA assets, which were commemorated in our special Christmas e-card in 2021. ESR further made a donation to Hong Chi Association to support their work. SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH FOR OUR INDUSTRY – ESR AUSTRALIA AND HEALTHY HEADS IN TRUCKS & SHEDS ESR Australia began supporting a new partner in 2021, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, a non-profit foundation that champions mental health and well-being for workers in road transport, warehousing and logistics industries across Australia. Prior to this partnership, ESR Australia engaged with staff members through a survey to understand charity partnership preferences, which facilitated our choice to ultimately support Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds. SEEDING POSITIVE CHANGE IN OUR COMMUNITIES In addition to our US$35,500 National Highway sponsorship, we are active in supporting Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds to promote their key messages and pillars, including increased mental health training, standardisation of policies, and wellness through our digital channels to our teams. We are also working on a broader initiative together to assist Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds in achieving their membership targets through sharing about this industry-for-industry initiative with our customers and their employees, with the larger goal of creating thriving workplaces across Australia. SPONSORING AMATEUR FOOTBALL LEAGUE TO PROMOTE SPORTSMANSHIP We began our partnership with one of Japan’s premier amateur football associations, Footy Japan Competitions, in 2021 with a multi-year sponsorship agreement involving two of the biggest brands in the country’s multinational sporting community. We are pleased to see the alignment between ESR’s core values and that of Footy Japan Competitions, among them commitment, sportsmanship and teamwork. We look forward to collaborating on initiatives to promote greater inclusion among Japan’s international community – within Footy Japan Competitions are team members from a multitude of nationalities, business backgrounds and ages. In line with our vision for sustainable development, we will continue to leverage our resources to support admirable causes like this - to drive positive community changes. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 20 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC

DESIGNED WITH OCCUPANTS IN MIND DIFFERENTIATORS OF OUR MODERN LOGISTICS FACILITIES INCLUDE OUR HUMAN-CENTRIC DESIGN AND AMENITIES We continually work towards improving the usability and working environments of our modern logistics centres through understanding the needs of our tenants and their workers, technology and intentional design. Elements in the table below are examples of those we have already incorporated to enhance the working environments of our logistics centres. Optimal space • large floor plates • high ceilings Efficient loading and parking • comprehensive safety designs Secure storage • surveillance systems • proper ventilation • fire-fighting features Customisability • office space • air-conditioning • refrigeration/freezing Active design • staircases that are easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing Active transit • bicycle storage • shower and locker facilities With ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1 as an example – we listened to tenants’ feedback and implemented several improvement measures in response. This included provision of a climbing wall for tenants and increasing the aesthetics of the working environment by adding more art work. ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1 ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 21 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC


PILLAR 2 PROPERTY PORTFOLIO Environmental considerations are integrated into the Group’s properties during their design, construction and maintenance which cover the daily operations of these assets. We strive to continuously improve our properties by working closely with our customers, investors, contractors and local authorities throughout the entire process. When selecting sites for our development, a number of factors are considered including avoiding environmentally sensitive areas to limit adverse effects on wildlife and ecosystems, enhancing the connectivity of people and accessibility to the area and remediating actions of brownfield sites. Property design is another crucial step as we emphasise on the use of sustainable materials and resource-efficient innovative technologies to ensure that resilient and sustainable assets are built. Where applicable, we take advantage of the elements of the surrounding environment such as utilising natural ventilation and solar energy in particularly sunny regions to power our properties. During construction, we have implemented erosion and sediment control as well as responsible waste management to minimise the environmental impact. All of the assets in our portfolio have been developed in accordance with the applicable governing codes and construction standards. We have established an ESR Future Solutions Group (FSG) to perform indepth analysis on improving our assets and undertake sustainable asset enhancement initiatives. We have established five key areas in developing our diverse property portfolio to better meet the expectations of our various stakeholders and to adhere to regulations set out by governments in the markets which we operate in. The five focus areas that will be further detailed in this section of the report are as follows: • Sustainable & Efficient Operations • Sustainable Building Certifications • Climate Change Resilience • Flexible & Adaptable Properties • Strategic Locations Focus Areas 2025 Targets Status Sustainable & Efficient Operations 50% increase in solar power generation capacity We must add about 3.5MW on average each year over the next five years in order to exceed 52MW of solar power generation capacity (a 50% increase) by 2025. We were able to achieve our annual goal at the end of 2021, as the total installed rooftop solar capacity across all markets was 39.4MW, an increase of 4.4MW. 20% reduction in energy consumption intensity During the past year, several assets were selected to undergo asset enhancement initiatives in consideration to improve energy intensity. In addition, the Group began the study of a decarbonisation plan which will provide the long-term path to achieve further reduction measures. Sustainable Building Certifications 50% of our portfolio to obtain Sustainable Building Certifications 20% of GFA completed in 2021 has been either certified by recognised sustainable building standards or the certification process is underway. The details of all green certifications obtained in 2021 can be found in the ESG data summary. Climate Change Resilience Alignment with Recommendations from the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) MSCI’s Real Estate VaR has been utilised by ESR in identifying climate related risks and opportunities by measuring current and future costs of climate change and the global warming impact on the asset portfolio. The asset management process will strategically be adapted to address the risks most relevant to ESR. Flexible & Adaptable Properties Design, construction and maintenance approaches to reduce material degradation ESR has continued to design and build properties with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Included in our assets is the Bucheon Logistics Park under our South Korea portfolio that has excellent connectivity to Greater Seoul and major transport infrastructures as well as state-of-the-art design and employee amenity roof space. For our Japan assets, we have the ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1 located in Yokohama City with relaxing lounges, retail shops, sky decks and children’s day care centres known as BARNKLÜBBS provided to our tenants. Strategic Locations Building and expanding modern logistics facilities in key locations For each of these focus areas, we have created environmental targets that align with our commitments and actions of our operations to achieve a green and sustainable future. The table below illustrates the goals that are expected to be attained by 2025. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 23 PILLAR 2: PROPERTY PORTFOLIO