ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

PEOPLE ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET Communications – Our Response Actions In line with feedback from our inaugural Employee Engagement Survey in 2020, we received feedback to improve internal communication and we have launched the ESR Intranet, myESR. myESR helps foster timely communication of employee news internally, in addition to serving as a one-stop platform for staff to access resources including firm policies, HR information and industry insights. This is a collaborative effort amongst teams in the firm and an important milestone for our employee engagement journey. We organised 5 Townhall sessions in 2021, where updates relating to ESR’s latest business were communicated to our staff. Townhalls also serve as a platform to promote communication between employees and senior management. For example, at these Townhall sessions, senior leaders shared the ESG 2025 Roadmap ahead on the integration of ESR and ARA and addressed questions from staff on the integration. Launch of “Coffee and Learn” series In 2021, we also launched an organisation-wide “Coffee and Learn” series. In the spirit of sharing best practices across our Group, we adapted the “Lunch and Learn” initiative from the Australia office to expand a learning series across various time zones of the markets we operate in. Information on the topic background, speaker qualifications and outcomes of what participants can expect to learn are communicated to all our staff ahead of each Coffee and Learn session. Fittingly on the topic of collaboration, we kicked off the Coffee and Learn series with sharing from an external expert on culture, leadership and inclusion on “Collaborating Across Cultures”, followed by a series on cyber security also from an external expert, where participating staff gained deeper understanding on how to better safeguard themselves and the company against cyber security threats. Responding to feedback on an eagerness to hear from in-house subject matter experts, we then pivoted to hold Coffee and Learn sessions where our very own staff spoke on topics of their expertise – “Our Future Warehouse – The Impact of New Technology” and “ESG: The what, the why and the path forward”. We view these are important topics for our staff to familiarise with and we look forward to using these initial conversations to spur further exchange across our Group. Through hearing from our own staff, we are also responding to survey feedback to promote internal knowledge sharing and increase learning opportunities. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 16 PILLAR 1: HUMAN CENTRIC