ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

ESG @ ESR INVESTMENT IDENTIFICATION ASSET DEVELOPMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT MONITORING & REPORTING PERMIT APPROVALS DUE DILIGENCE Sustainable business means incorporating ESG into every aspect of our business and decision-making. As we pursue our ESG objectives, we are mindful of our stakeholders’ expectations to deliver performance and integrate ESG factors into our operations. Throughout various stages of our whole asset life cycle, we incorporate sustainability considerations in investments, asset management and development, putting in place best practices, setting goals and monitoring performance to facilitate continuous improvement across every market in which we operate. ESG FRAMEWORK Our ESG Framework organises material ESG topics for our business into 14 Focus Areas under three pillars. Strategic initiatives and targets are in place for each focus area. This report provides an overview of our management approaches, as well as a status update on our performance. Basic human needs are universal. Meeting those needs today while ensuring they can continue to be met in the future is the cornerstone of sustainable development. Focus Areas • Stakeholder Engagement • Safety, Health & Well-being • Managing & Developing Talent • Diversity & Inclusion • Community Investment Our vision is to develop and manage logistics facilities for the New Economy. We offer our tenants modern, stateof-the-art, focused and integrated real estate platforms. Focus Areas • Sustainable & Efficient Operations • Sustainable Building Certifications • Climate Change Resilience • Flexible & Adaptable Properties • Strategic Locations Strong corporate performance is the foundation upon which we will achieve sustained and balanced growth giving rise to stable returns over the long-term. Focus Areas • Corporate Governance • Risk Management • Responsible Investment • Disclosure & Reporting CORPORATE PERFORMANCE PROPERTY PORTFOLIO HUMAN CENTRIC ESR’S VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ESG FRAMEWORK ALIGNS WITH THE UNITED NATIONS 2030 AGENDA, WHICH IDENTIFIES 17 INTERLINKED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGS) TO HELP CREATE A BETTER AND MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR ALL. OUR ESG FRAMEWORK ALIGNS WITH SIX SDGS WHERE WE FEEL WE CAN MAKE THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 9 VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT