ESR Cayman ESG Report 2021

VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ESG IN ACTION ESR has emphasised on four attributes being greenhouse gas emissions reduction, water conservation, sustainable materials and built to last. Various initiatives have been undertaken to ensure these factors are considered in the structure and design of our properties. To highlight, we have completed our ESR Yokohama Sachiura Distribution Centre 1 located in Kanagawa, Japan that is over 195,000 sqm GFA in January 2022. This is one of our many properties that illustrates how it addresses the focus areas in our ESG Framework and involves multiple stakeholders. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT 19-month build project in collaboration with leading local partners: • Shiohama Industry Corporation (Architect and Contractor) • Takato Tamagami Architectural Design, Ltd. (Amenity Space Designer) • Mio Watanabe Design Office, LLC. (Landscape Designer) FLEXIBLE & ADAPTABLE Four-story distribution centre epitomising the highest specifications for modern logistics: • 5.5m clear height • 2.0/1.5 ton/sqm floor loading • Seismic base isolation structured facility • Robust pre-cast prestressed concrete beam and column made in Turkey • Logo and decoration as local symbol on external wall STRATEGIC LOCATION Exceptional access to Yokohama, which has large national ports and easy access from highway. SUSTAINABLE & EFFICIENT OPERATIONS Full array of sustainable elements to mitigate environmental impacts including: • Energy-saving features • Onsite solar power generation • 7,000 sqm green spaces • Forest conservation • Bioswale system GREEN BUILDINGS Received the following sustainability credentials certified by leading industry bodies: • Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE A Rank) • Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community (ABINC) • BELS 5 stars REPORTING & DISCLOSURE Part of ESR’s Redwood Japan Logistics Fund II Limited Partnership and RJLF 3 Co-Investment Platform, which both scored 5 out of 5 Green Stars in GRESB’s 2021 Development category. They are ranked second out of 20 peers within Industrial Asia. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE REPORT 2021 10