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  1. Includes the reported AUM of the Associates and assumed the value of the uncalled capital commitments in the private funds and investment vehicles on a levered basis.
  2. Fee-related AUM excludes AUM from Associates and levered uncalled capital.
Who We Are


Our leaders are integral to the firm’s culture of integrity, professionalism and excellence. Embodying our core values, they steer us towards achieving sustainable growth with their wealth of experience.

Our Businesses

SUPERIOR Global New Economy assets, REITs and Asset Management

Driven by key pillars of investment, fund management and development, ESR offers a diverse suite of private real estate funds and REIT products that embrace every stage of the asset life cycle in the New Economy and prime commercial sectors. We also develop and manage a network of superior logistics, data centre and commercial assets across APAC’s most dynamic growth markets.

Investor Relations


ESR believes in cultivating strong and sustainable relationships with our investors, providing regular updates and relevant information on our corporate and business developments.



ESG is deeply embedded within our corporate culture. As APAC’s leading New​ Economy real asset manager, we aspire​ to be thought leaders who proactively set​ the standard and lay the foundation for a​ sustainable future.​
Accolades and milestones

excellence throughout our reach

From capital raising to green initiatives and sustainable operations, ESR has been recognised for our industry-leading efforts that set benchmarks where we operate.

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Update Pertaining to Japan Earthquake
Regarding the earthquake that struck Japan on 1 January, our hearts are with the people affected and their families.​
Our employees and tenants are our priority. At this point, none of our properties and employees in Japan has been impacted and we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure their safety.​
We will provide more information when it becomes available.