At ESR, we embrace diversity and work together with integrity to bring about growth and positive impact for all.



At ESR, we create a workplace where everyone has a sense of belonging. Coming from diverse backgrounds and with our different skillsets, we learn, innovate and create as one.

Come join us. Find an opportunity that fits you here – from Investment to Fund Management, New Economy Development and Corporate Functions, Together, we provide Space and Investment Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

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We take pride in providing meaningful and holistic opportunities that help to enhance and enrich the well-being of people who lean on us in their career development.


Whether joining as mid-career professionals or preparing students for the workforce, the lives of individuals have been uplifted with the ESR experience.

Get ahead internship programme
Find out more about ESR and how we work through the eyes of four ESR Group interns who 'graduated' from our Get Ahead Internship (GAIN) programme. Designed to provide students with meaningful work experiences, GAIN aims to contribute to the community by engaging youths with the right aptitude and interests for future careers in the real estate industry. First made available in Singapore, we are expanding GAIN progressively to accept students across our network of operations.

Nurturing Teamwork

Our managers foster an inclusive culture, celebrate diversity and work hard to maintain a caring, meritocratic and positive work environment while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. This is part of our commitment to build a great place to work at ESR, where the mutual trust and respect between managers and their teams enables our people to thrive and be at their best.

I believe the primary competency of an investment manager lies in their openness to team members’ ideas and recommendations. In each project, efforts are dedicated to incorporating insights from team members who best understand the details. Given the dynamic nature of the REIT investment team, it is essential to coordinate the diverse perspectives of stakeholders, including institutional investors, private investors, developers, and banks. Therefore, in addition to nurturing team members’ foundational analytical skills, ample time is allotted for team members to deliberate on stakeholders' varying perspectives. This collaborative approach ultimately leads to more effective outcomes in their work.


JINKOOK LEE Investment

Strategically minded, Jinkook has demonstrated exceptional leadership in effectively managing various tasks and projects for ESR KS REIT. His thoughtful planning and foresight have been instrumental in successfully navigating through challenging headwinds. Whether orchestrating a new acquisition, overseeing asset disposition, or managing recapitalisation efforts, Jinkook's strategic acumen has not only steered our team through adversity but has also played a pivotal role in establishing our superiority over competitors.


SEWON Park Investment

Jinkook has been an invaluable source of support in my professional journey, consistently providing constructive feedback. His insightful input has become an indispensable tool for my professional development, guiding me toward improvement and growth. Instead of just pointing out areas for enhancement, Jinkook consistently offers actionable suggestions that empower me to refine my skills and approaches. This feedback loop has not only enhanced my performance but has also cultivated a positive and collaborative working environment for our team.

Jeongmo Kang Investment

In our Group FM & Capital team, we adopt a proactive stance towards career development. We establish transparent objectives tailored to each individual's career aspirations and growth areas. As a manager, I strive to empower team members to drive their own development journey. I ensure ample resources are accessible while also allocating challenging stretch assignments to propel their personal growth.

Thijs Hupkes Fund Management & Capital

We practise regular and effective communications, vertically and horizontally. This is valuable not only within our team but proven to be crucial when working with others across the Group. We keep each other updated on what the others are working on, but not over-communicating, so we each can appreciate the individual roles and grow our potentials within the bigger team or teams. In addition to the daily discussions, Thijs also schedules periodical catch-up with each of us where we can voice up and share openly our thoughts. Such initiative from my manager is much appreciated as I get timely feedback and address any concern there is. Thereafter, I can focus on what matter and how I can contribute to the team.

Thuy Le Fund Management & Capital

The ESR graduate program empowers our team by fostering collaboration, as well as by embracing new ideas, approaches, and perspectives. This synergy drives top-tier outcomes, enhancing the success of both ESR and Liv's professional development initiatives.

Hamish Boots Development

I feel fortunate to have started my career in property with ESR. Being surrounded by a team of supportive, motivated, and driven people has given me the confidence to grow within the industry. The culture fostered by my colleagues and leaders made the jump from part-time university student to full-time professional a positive and seamless experience. I am excited to continue this journey of growth alongside the team at ESR.

Olivia Ridgewell Development

As head of the department, it is important to respect each team member’s independence while still aiming for the same goal and values, and to move forward with milestones while constantly checking the direction. In particular, the Osaka office has been able to close large deals with a minimum number of staff. This is because each member thoroughly understands their roles and performs their duties with concentration and at their best as a team. I'm grateful that my team supports me throughout the process and I can spend my time with them. I am so lucky that I am able to meet my best friends in my life at ESR.

Taro Inoue Leasing

My manager, Taro Inoue, has established Osaka office from scratch by himself and contributed to increasing the presence of ESR in Japan. He involves the team in the entire process of purchasing land for logistics, marketing, setting rents, architectural planning, and attracting tenants in the leasing of the ESR properties. With his coaching style, being ever ready to provide advice and support, Taro has enabled us to learn from his extensive experience. Thanks to his support, we are now recognised within the company for our dual skills in leasing and land purchasing.

Hisako Sato Leasing

Leading by example for the team, Taro has built excellent relationships not only with customers but also with related organisations and all parties involved in the business. I have honed my networking skills under his guidance, and it has helped opened doors for me to close deals more efficiently.

Tomohiko Kondo Leasing

Our team is dedicated to personal growth, critical thinking, and empowerment, and we operate within a democratic framework that encourages dynamic, two-way communication. Recognising the uniqueness of each individual, we steer away from a one-size-fits-all approach, adapting and evolving collectively. As a team leader, I prioritise accessibility, offering timely support and guidance to team members. In parallel, I emphasise self-driven problem-solving, avoiding a spoon-feeding approach and instead, encouraging each member to contribute and brainstorm ideas for collective discussion. My ultimate satisfaction lies in witnessing my team members exceed their potential and attain significant milestones in their professional journeys.

Vu Kim Chi Retail Marketing

Being part of Kim Chi’s team that is responsible for F&B Retail Marketing and Leasing, I realised quite quickly that her quick responses and eagerness to provide immediate guidance and direction were hallmark traits. Kim Chi is always approachable and willing to assist at a moment's notice. Moreover, her unreserved sharing of knowledge and time contributed to a nurturing and supportive atmosphere within our team.

Andrea Seah Retail Marketing


We are passionate about creating positive changes and an essential aspect of our culture is to deliver value and bring positive social impact to the communities in which we operate. Our teams across the globe, regularly contribute their time and effort towards supporting admirable causes in partnership with local organisations.
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