Case Study

Transition to a Low Carbon Economy


Given the urgency of the net-zero challenge, there is universal acceptance of the need for the building industry to significantly lower their carbon emissions as part of its transition to a low carbon economy. At ESR, we are committed to decarbonise our property portfolio by adopting a carbon mitigation hierarchy approach. This approach prioritises carbon avoidance through low-carbon design and construction, and achieving energy efficiencies with the asset enhancement and optimisation of operations. These efforts are complemented with the use of renewable energy from sources such as solar or hydrogen to further reduce emissions.

ESR’s installed rooftop solar power capacity currently exceeds 100 MW and we continue to explore other renewable energy sources. We have pursued EV charging infrastructure opportunities by establishing EV charging stations at multiple facilities to satisfy tenant needs. This encourages the transition from conventional vehicles to EVs, reduces emissions and mitigates the effects of climate change.

More information on the Group’s renewables initiatives is available in the ESG Report 2022.