ESG Strategy


In 2019, we developed our ESG framework, which organises the topics identified as material to our business into three key pillars: Human-Centric, Property Portfolio and Corporate Performance.



Basic human needs are universal. As we strive to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all employees, customers, suppliers and communities, meeting those needs today while ensuring they can be met in the future is the cornerstone of sustainable development.

Focus Areas:
  • Stakeholder Engagementโ€‹
  • Safety, Health & Well-beingโ€‹
  • Managing & Developing Talentโ€‹
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusionโ€‹
  • Community Investmentโ€‹
Property Portfolio

Sustainability is central to our mission because we aspire to improve the environmental prospects of our planet. We are committed to environmental stewardship by developing and maintaining sustainable and efficient buildings.

Focus Areas:
  • Sustainable & Efficient Operationsโ€‹
  • Sustainable Building Certificationsโ€‹
  • Climate Change Resilienceโ€‹
  • Flexible & Adaptable Propertiesโ€‹
  • Strategic Locationsโ€‹
Corporate Performance

Strong corporate performance is the foundation upon which we will achieve sustained and balanced growth giving rise to stable and dependable returns over the long-term. We embrace the highest standards of governance and ethics in all aspects of the business conduct.

Focus Areas:
  • Corporate Governanceโ€‹
  • Risk Managementโ€‹
  • Responsible Investmentโ€‹
  • Disclosure & Reportingโ€‹
  • Supply Chain Managementโ€‹

ESG VIsion

We aspire to be a leading provider of Space and Investment Solutions for a Sustainable Future.


To drive long-term sustainable growth of the business by creating positive impact on the environment, our stakeholders, and the communities around us.


We are committed to working closely with all our stakeholders โ€“ both internal and external โ€“ to achieve shared business goals that also align with our core values. Constructive and effective stakeholder engagement, integral to our daily business activities, can improve our environmental, social and corporate performance.

Property Portfolio

ESR constantly demonstrates environmental stewardship by developing and maintaining sustainable and efficient buildings.

We optimise the sustainability features of our new and existing logistics facilities through green design initiatives wherever possible. For instance, we position our properties strategically to enhance co-benefits such as minimising impacts on land use change and biodiversity, while providing sustainable development opportunities for local communities.

Through innovations like energy-efficient lighting, intelligent water management, waste recycling measures or roof-mounted solar panels, we are able to reduce the operating costs of our customers as well as our own impacts on the environment.

In addition to fulfilling local health, safety and environmental regulations, some of our facilities take compliance one step further by obtaining certification in accordance with globally recognised standards, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) in Japan.

Corporate Performance

We put in place stringent measures to protect the reputation of the Group and everyone who works with us โ€“ such as thorough systematic integrity check of our employees, suppliers, customers and capital partners โ€“ and refraining from dealings with any third-party associated with organisations or countries that are restricted by law or sanctions.

We are committed to investing responsibly, which requires incorporating ESG factors into all investment decision-making and active ownership of our assets.